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Created in 1987 and restarted in 1997, ASQUAPRO (ASsociation for QUAlity of the PROjection of concretes) gathers contractors, project managers, engineering offices, research laboratories, companies, public agencies, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and independent experts.

ASQUAPRO’s goal is for the quality of all the parameters involved in the chain to be guaranteed: from design to manufacturing, implementation and reception of the buildings in which sprayed concretes are used.

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Attestation des heures de projection de béton

Asquapro simplifie votre démarche de reconduction des certificats : vous pouvez désormais télécharger le formulaire d'attestation des heures de projection de béton, à remplir pour accompagner votre demande. Rendez-vous en bas de page de l'onglet "Certification" ! [...] read more


Find out in the Publications section all booklets, technical documents and presentations published by ASQUAPRO conferences.

Booklet 8 - «use of shotcrete with fibres in the repair and the reinforcement of the structures»

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