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Training organisation n° 11780760978
ABCCR au Port Marly 78560
Telephone : 06 63 38 22 94
Fax : 01 34 51 66 90

Internships in training organisations

CPO of Hanches (Eure et Loir 28130)
Mrs Valérie RAULT
Telephone : 02 37 18 27 64
Fax : 02 37 18 27 61

CFC of Egletons (Corrèze 19300)
M. Jean-François Gauby
Telephone : 05 55 93 05 18
Fax : 05 55 93 28 89

CFA BTP de Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère 38300)
Mrs Catherine Gillio
Telephone : 04 74 19 00 66 
Fax : 04 74 19 13 44
Web :

AFOR TP (Montreuil 93100)
Monsieur Philippe Fontaine
Téléphone : 01 48 55 87 15

The objectives of the Asquapro Certification

Within the ASQUAPRO association, the promotion of projected concretes quality chain is developed through two parallel approaches:

  • Add up the knowledge and write technical booklets, because knowledge is the basis of training ;
  • Identify the qualitative criteria of this particular implementation of concrete, and propose an appropriate certification.

A good projection whose consistency is ensured by appropriate periodic inspections, is as important to obtain a quality work as the upstream steps such as design and manufacture of concrete.

There is no specific national training dedicated to projection operators and their supervisors.

Since its creation, ASQUAPRO has written reference documents for the assessment of the necessary qualifications of the staff performing this activity, thanks to all the stakeholders of the concrete and mortar projection field.

To date, ASQUAPRO issued 430 spearmen certificates and 241 permissions to project for aspiring spearmen. 65 candidates were promoted spearmen or are no longer active.

Organisation of the Asquapro certification 

Asquapro is the certifier.

Training is delegated to either a training company (declared or registered) or an entity responsible for training within a company in the form of internships.

These internships are held in companies or training centres.

Three approved centres (CPO in Hanches, Eure-et-Loir; CFC in Egletons, Corrèze; CFA-BTP Bourgoin, Isère) regularly provide trainings in accordance with ASQUAPRO’s recommendations.

Asquapro takes on:

  • The writing of the reference documents that provide the requirements governing the content of courses,
  • The Control of trainers, examiners and certifiers,
  • the candidates’ grading of theoretical knowledge (multiple choice questionnaire) and practical tests,
  • The issuance of spearmen certificates, and more recently, the approval of the managers on projection sites,
  • The monitoring of certificates and approvals.

Certificates and approvals are considered individual validations for their owners. They are also a proof of qualification of the personnel of the company that employs them.

Use of the Asquapro certification by companies and purchasing advisors

The national, regional or private project managements indicate in the STS (Special Technical Specifications) of the tender documents the qualification requirements of the staff in charge of sprayed concrete works.

They are free to determine the qualification references to be presented, that seem more relevant to them, especially for the admissibility of the offers.

They often leave to the company the opportunity to present qualification references that seem most relevant to her.

ASQUAPRO certifications and approvals are offered to project managers and entrepreneurs, among other elements or similar justifications of qualification.


Trainings typically have a duration of 4.5 days for the projection operators.

For the supervising staff, there are two levels of training:

  • Level 1 corresponds to a period of 2 to 3 days;
  • For level 2, training lasts 4.5 days and includes practical tests identical to those of projection operators.

For operators, the internships take place as follow:

  • Theoretical instruction, in class (Students assessment by MCQ);
  • Live projections and tests;
  • Visual and measured results of projection tests;
  • Evaluation by a person, called “examiner”, who cannot be the trainer.

For supervisors, the internships take place as follow:

  • Theoretical instruction, in class (Students assessment by MCQ, levels 1 & 2);
  • Introduction to projection practice, evaluated by certification practical tests for spearmen, for the approval level 2 of candidates to projection works.

Management of operators’ certification:

  • Evaluation of MCQ and practical tests;
  • Establishment of the diploma as an individualized certificate delivered to the person according to his level and prerequisite, and then notified to the employer.

Training session agenda.

Reference documents

Reference documents have been established by Asquapro for:

  • Certificate of concrete spearman, wet and dry processes;
  • Certificat of wet process operator, in small gallery;
  • Certificat of robot pilot;
  • Ability to conduct projection works;
  • Ability to internal control of projection works.

The reference documents are available upon request.