Private space

Professional organisations

Company Activity
AFTES, French association of tunnels and underground space
STRRES, The national union of specialists contractors of repair and strengthening of structures works
Infociments, the site of the French cement industry
FSTT, the committee for trenchless works
AITES, international association of tunnels and underground space
IFSTTAR, French institute of science and technology of construction transportations and networks




Volunteer specialists from different structures who participate to working groups within the committees in charge of writing ASQUAPRO’s technical recommendations.



Training Centres

Company Activity
CPO of Hanches (28)
CFC of Egletons (19)
CFA BTP of Bourgoin Jallieu (38)



Other specialists

Persons or companies paid for performing work for the account of the association

Company Activity
Nataly Del Gallo : translator
Perrine Mathé - e-Déaliz : webmaster
Naya O'Connel : computer graphics designer

Claude Ayma - ISM PROD : image sound multimedia