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For a quality sprayed concrete

ASQUAPRO - ASsociation for the QUAlity of PROjection of concretes – gathers contractors, project managers, engineering offices, research laboratories, companies, public agencies, equipment manufacturers, suppliers and independent experts.

ASQUAPRO’s goal is for the quality of all the parameters involved in the chain to be guaranteed, at each level and therefore to favour the development of its applications in satisfactory conditions for all the actors.

ASQUAPRO is an “association under the terms of the law of 1901”. It is non-profit, independent and driven by its members, all volunteers. Therefore, it is not registered in the Company Register and has no SIRET number. It is neither subject to VAT nor taxes. It is not a training organisation but it participates to training actions given in some authorised centres located in France.

Founded in 1987 and reactivated in 1997, ASQUAPRO, in the absence of specific standards, produced and continues to do so periodically recommendations for sprayed concrete (freely available on its website), as the use and implementation techniques vary according to the areas concerned. Indeed, the sprayed concrete applies to works as diverse as :

  • Creation of tunnels, car parks and underground constructions,
  • Covering of rock walls, slopes, embankments,
  • Excavation or embankment retaining,
  • Repair and strengthening of concrete and reinforced concrete structures,
  • Rehabilitation of masonry (walls, bridges, underground galleries)
  • Construction of houses, pools, fake rocks, climbing walls ...

Meanwhile, ASQUAPRO is also dedicated to:

  • Educate all stakeholders in the fundamental importance of the qualifications of personnel in charge of the implementation and supervision,
  • Write reference documents about theoretical and practical tests to assess the knowledge and practice of projection operators, candidate for certification.
  • Promote training courses and encourage the creation of new courses,
  • Partner with projection operators’ and their supervisors’ internship by participating in the training of trainers of approved centres, and then by assisting them • Issue projection operators and robots drivers certificates following their qualification levels
  • Organize seminars open to the public, and targeted on different applications of sprayed concrete
  • Organize specific tests on techniques and materials of sprayed concrete.